Permit Map on paydirt web page

Hey Team, not sure if I’ve done something but I can get the permit map working, it’s got the Nz map but no permit overlay or fossicking areas

Thanks for letting me know. Looks like NZPAM have stopped their data from being easily consumed by other sites. Could be a temporary issue if they’ve done it accidentally rather than intentionally.

For now you’ll need to go straight to the horses mouth:

Yep link is showing permit on the map but paydirt site showing nothing here.

Been chatting with NZPAM about the issue. Hopefully they’ll sort out the issue in the new year… fingers crossed!


Any luck with this? Was such a handy resource

They know of the issue and have responded that they’ll apply a fix for me to continue accessing the data directly. Fingers crossed it happens soon.


NZPAM have fixed things their end so it’s all working again - Permit Map - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking :slight_smile:


Good to see it back up and running , thanks.

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Thanks for the update Gav🤙🏻

Gavin, I think the maps are down again, is there a update happening or something?

Have just checked nzpam and they are indeed doing an update. Back online on Monday but I will have left q-town by then

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Cheers Ned. Yep, their data is unavailable again :frowning: I did previously used to cache the data but it was costing me a bit too much. I might have to look at the option again if it becomes a regular issue.