Paydirt digest emails going to my spam folder

Hi Gavin, i have been getting the Pay Dirt Emails for several years now no problem, but recently probably about a month or so it has been going into the Junk Mail every day i have been selecting the not Spam button everytime to get them back into my Inbox but still ends up in Junk Mail, has anything been changed with the E Mails that gets sent out from Pay Dirt that it goes to the Junk folder ?,
Thanks Mems

That’s strange. I have a bunch of test accounts for testing twitter, etc. logins. But due to this I get these emails to both Google and Yahoo based email accounts. I never see these emails go to spam.

However, I have noticed that if I rarely read emails from other sources before deleting them, the email clients sometimes start poking these emails into the spam folder. I wonder if it’s a similar thing.

Thanks for the reply Gavin, i had to get this one out the bin as well but no worries i always check, its not that i dont open the mail regularly check to see if anything of interest is on the site, and i found it quite interesting with the guys inquiring about set aside fossicking areas in the North island, i have now moved to Thames from UK been here a couple of years now,so been doing repairs and everything else to the house ever since, i wonder if it makes a difference if i log into Pay Dirt or not, but i do check the Junk every day so all ok. Thanks.

Do you mind letting me know what email client you use so I can investigate further? Cheers.

Hi Gav, If it’s any help with diagnostics, I have no issues through either GMail online, or Gmail picked up via Thunderbird.

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I am using Hotmail Gavin, as i say its all pretty recent, i had to get yours and Mudwiggles responses out the bin again anything from pay dirt goes straight in there no matter Gavin i just click not junk and get them into the Inbox, dont pull your hair out, i just thought it might have been a known issue Thanks again.

Now that you mention it, me too.

You’re on Hotmail as well @Northwest?

@gavin, yes man. Still pulling them out also, but will recheck settings.

I’m on Hotmail or outlook and it goes to junk

Hmm, I have all the correct DNS SPF settings (yes, I know that will read like white noise to most of you! :stuck_out_tongue: ) in place that should stop emails getting siphoned into spam but it seems that isn’t good enough for Microsoft :frowning:

I’ll do some more investigating!

I’ve been doing some investigation into this and it seems there’s nothing I can do my end.

Microsoft use really strict spam rules so if it sees people on their free email accounts flagging the emails as spam or deleting emails sent from without opening them it starts to assume they’re spam for everyone on free accounts.

The best thing to do is add to your whitelist so the emails don’t get siphoned off to your spam folder.

Here’s some instructions for using the whitelist:

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Thanks Gavin i got your last Email out of the bin again but i have white listed paydirt now so hopefully all will be ok, Thanks

Thanks Gavin went into inbox this time after i white listed Paydirt.

Good to hear :slight_smile: Thanks for the update.