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Paydirt digest emails going to my spam folder

Hi Gavin, i have been getting the Pay Dirt Emails for several years now no problem, but recently probably about a month or so it has been going into the Junk Mail every day i have been selecting the not Spam button everytime to get them back into my Inbox but still ends up in Junk Mail, has anything been changed with the E Mails that gets sent out from Pay Dirt that it goes to the Junk folder ?,
Thanks Mems

That’s strange. I have a bunch of test accounts for testing twitter, etc. logins. But due to this I get these emails to both Google and Yahoo based email accounts. I never see these emails go to spam.

However, I have noticed that if I rarely read emails from other sources before deleting them, the email clients sometimes start poking these emails into the spam folder. I wonder if it’s a similar thing.

Thanks for the reply Gavin, i had to get this one out the bin as well but no worries i always check, its not that i dont open the mail regularly check to see if anything of interest is on the site, and i found it quite interesting with the guys inquiring about set aside fossicking areas in the North island, i have now moved to Thames from UK been here a couple of years now,so been doing repairs and everything else to the house ever since, i wonder if it makes a difference if i log into Pay Dirt or not, but i do check the Junk every day so all ok. Thanks.

Do you mind letting me know what email client you use so I can investigate further? Cheers.

Hi Gav, If it’s any help with diagnostics, I have no issues through either GMail online, or Gmail picked up via Thunderbird.

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I am using Hotmail Gavin, as i say its all pretty recent, i had to get yours and Mudwiggles responses out the bin again anything from pay dirt goes straight in there no matter Gavin i just click not junk and get them into the Inbox, dont pull your hair out, i just thought it might have been a known issue Thanks again.

Now that you mention it, me too.

You’re on Hotmail as well @Northwest?

@gavin, yes man. Still pulling them out also, but will recheck settings.