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Parallel universe

Ever wondered about the possibility of a parallel universe existing? One where instead of being the detectorist digging up municipal parks, playgrounds and gardens you were the guy patching up the holes afterwards.
For the next 6 or so months I am that guy.
Here I am documenting separately from my detecting finds my ‘on the job finds’ and sadly I cannot take my detector along for lunch breaks.
So far this week I have found 20c while raking trash out of the municipal goldfish pond and $2.10 in playground bark and a very nice beer Stein.
Surprisingly there is a process for reuniting errant beer Steins with the appropriate honky tonk bar.
Also found this beautiful birds nest fungus in the middle of a main street garden.


This week’s eyeball finds- A hot wheels and
another 40c from playgrounds, 50c from the shrubbery in front of the Squash club, and what I can only assume are 2 upcycled mini watering cans which went in the landfill.


Haha. Uncycled mini watering cans…yer right. Billy the bong…Came across a few of those up in the sand dunes detecting Whangamata & Waihi Beach back in the day. Also detected what looked like tiny peace pipes… :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Sorta forgot to keep this up to date.
Long story short new corporate mob won the contract and have taken me on full time.
The crap I find rattle gun sockets. Cellphones, expensive sunnies, cash… Jumped out of truck today and found a $5 note just waiting for me.