Papatoetoe anyone?

Sounds like the sort of person who would be agreeable to let you have a sweep and maybe find some family memories for her to take away…

Form an orderly queue please.

I love it but although she says she is sentimental, and I have no doubt that she is, she aint as sentimental as I am - They would have to prise my cold dead hands from the decaying handrail…or what ever! It will be sad for her but I guess shes about to step out on lifes next great adventure - got to wish her well.

A developer will buy it - it will end up five million dollars worth.

Absentee developer will buy it, bulldoze it, build 5 townhouses on it and charge unaffordable rents.

I’d be more than happy to keep it as a time capsule, even the wallpaper(!) and regress back to the early 1900’s when I got home each evening.
Just need to find the few million or so it’ll go for… Where’s a Saxon horde when you need one?

Watched a similar house up here get knocked down, dozed into a trench…and burnt. Ain’t no way for a grand old lady to go.