Panning in the North Island

After reading Paydirt about North Island spots , I spent a long weekend in the Coromandel rivers . Found a small amount in the Karangahake Gorge. It’s mostly powder gold and not worth panning but the are a few bigger bits . Also some powder found in Te Puru stream just north of Thames . Bloody hard work for less than one gram, but at least I know . Spent day and a half checking out Karangahake and ironically best spot was right in front of the car park by the swing bridge.
Contacted the mining company (NewTalisman) about permission and they had no problems .
From the picture ( blown up ) you can see it’s all reef gold , with little wear .


Hey, thanks for the heads up Bazzjay. I don’t anticipate to be that far north but some closer to the place will be rapt if they can have a go there.