Panning in Southland

Hey guys
I’m keen to go panning as a hobby in the weekends in the southland area. Does anyone know of any claims or areas that would let me do that?

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waikaia there is a place for the public to pan

Where abouts in waikaia?

don’t want to be a killjoy but its not officially a fossicking area , I wouldn’t call it a public place to pan , all,s im saying is keep it low key.

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Will do cheers for the info

Ask at the store in Waikaia for the claim owners info. The claim is on Winding creek.


when yo go in the shop ask for the map to were people go panning there are copies they keep when you drive there dont park by the church will be wlking a long way keep driving till you see the first sign of a gold claim number thats were you park and wail down the trail

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