Panning and sluicing spots

Hi all

Hope everybody had a good Christmas and i hope you all have a great New years .

No doubt this has been asked many a time and its probably a long shot . This year i tried to get a few people together to go in on a claim so we had our own peace of ground to pan sluice and dredge had a few interested but when it came to the crunch it never went ahead but that’s life and these things happen . Then had to sell my dredge to buy wife a car so now im back to the pan and sluice. I have spent many years at the public fossicking areas and have had a great time. I just would like to explore new areas. Was just wanting to know if anybody was willing to let me have a pan and sluice on there claims im happy to come up with a deal with a claim owner wouldn’t be there bugger all as im on call a lot with my job if any body keen please pm me and thanks for your time. If this is not the right place to post please feel free to remove

hope you don’t mind me adding my name to your thread stu. didn’t think it was worth starting a new thread to ask the same question. in a similar position to you. don’t go often. just want somewhere different to go away from the public areas.

No worries mate just thought i would ask happy to pay for the privilege but if nothing comes from it will stick to public spots and carrying the pan when i go hunting