Paeroa Brief Hunt

I had a spare hour before a quote and had a brief look around an old reserve area and council paddocks.
Penny is 1899 which is cool but those pre-decimal silvers still elude



Nice, anything 1800’s is cool as. Keep trying you will get your silvers one day. HH & GL

Some old dirt down that way well done somewhere in that town is a small fortune of solid copper rods that were dumped by the county council after a project was canned

There’s also a rumoured paychest that got lost in the mud down there somewhere.

typical old school council solution, that would come up great on the machine!

now thats a great rumor but Im not fond of mud Im sure there must be some buried treasure in the Thames hills from the gold mining days, as long as I dont disappear down one of the hundreds of mine shafts littered everywhere.

Keep at it.
Even though others might’ve been through with their silver vacuums, they always miss something.
Dig it all, your best finds may not be silver.