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Out on the beach at last

after tides and conditions not being suitable did manage to find a cut at the mid tide mark after winds this week,after pulling some modern coins out hit a 9ct 5g band still deep but just got it,i would say its been there a while thought it might crack but its thick enough to survive,cleaned up beautifully.


Always pays to keep an eye on the sands, eh?
Love the way 9ct transforms from ugly green blob to shiny goodness…or snaps when you’re giving it that final buff.

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So what did you use to clean it? Did you use a hand held buffer like a Dremel tool and any sort of cleaning liquid? Please tell all.

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Nice one Roy.



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5g thats a hefty one, congrats.

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cleaning gold is one of the best parts,this ring had a lot of scratches and the big copper content in 9ct tends to turn green almost like verdi grees on a coin,when it gets this bad buffing is not enough i attack it with 600 wet and dry to get all the marks out then a buff with the dremel and brasso.after all that its interesting to note the weight went from 5.1g to 5.0g well worth the loss of .1 of a gram.good luck to all. good tides coming up.


On the bright side - that .1g was probably all copper oxide. Which raises the effective carat of the ring :wink:

I soak my crusties in 50% acetic to get rid of/soften the green gunk. Scrape with wood to remove the warts, then #800, then brass wire wheel on dremel, followed by brasso on denim, then cotton. If it’s a particularly nice ring, I’ll go to jewellers rouge for that extra sparkle.

Yep - two weeks to the big tides, although we have some good east coast swells over here at the moment. Could be time to use some annual leave.