Other Treasures category

What are people’s thoughts, do we need to bring back an “Other Treasures” category like we had on the old forum?

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As the wise man said - ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’ and that might mean that its worth a try because then people can show things they treasure and collect and this in turn adds another facet tot eh site and can only attract more interest rather than put people off.
I think its a good idea.

Sure thing. A good place to post fossils and gems. Speaking of, has anyone found gems other than green stone? If so, would love some pics.

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Iv’e been thinkin bout GOLD UNPLUGGED iii. Better not put in this section as it’s a bit out there.
Do it, sounds awesome.



I’m in favour - always keen to see other goodies unearthed/discovered.

Yeah Gavin, Nothing ventured, Nothing gained

Great idea.
Staring at the ground so much, I often find many other non detectable items & fancy rocks.

Done - Other Treasures - Paydirt Community :slight_smile:

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