Otagos biggest nugget

That article is dated 2nd April 2012 & at the end it says, Yesterday was the 1st of April. Kinda self explanatory.

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I only read the important parts like ‘free give away’ or ‘viagra cheap today’ or ‘Job vacancy - Quality control and Testing Officer - apply Fanny Annies Red Knob Inn.’


far out lammerlaw you are one hard case fella i tell ya that i always get a brilliant laugh reading your comments …i would love to meet you one day thats for sure there was also a huge nugget found by a digger a few years back it was in the mountain scene here in queenstown cant quite remember the weight but it was huge and it was found april first same day dolphins were spotted in lake hayes yea anyway i would love to know the true weight of the honest largest nugget found in nz… any way have a good one mate keep them posts coming there not wrong when they say those gold miners are a bunch of weird fellas any way keep smiling captain lammerlaw…!!!

oh yea apparently it was found cardrona but it was 100% april first you might have seen it it caught a few people out i had a number of people ringing me saying have you seen that huge nugget found at cardrona… blooming heck funny as

Ha ha. This one? New Zealand Ski Area Literally Strikes Gold During Construction | Unofficial Networks

I have found some nice bits of gold detecting Cardrona But nothing like that. :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


yea kiwi thats the one haha brilliant…anyway back to finding gold there i have to say well done mate fantastic bit of gold you got there nice one!!!

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