Otago Regional Council Survey

This is a link to the survey for the Dunstan Rohe, from the survey, ORC will interpret the rules for the regional plan. The Dunstan Rohe cover Shotover Arrow Rivers as well as most rivers in central otago. You will need to make a clear case for mining. Half the planners at the upper lakes meeting had no idea that gravel extraction and suction dredge mining had been omitted from the policy statement, so I believe through this process there is opportunity to cover topics that have been omitted.

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This survey relates to “consultation” for the next water plan. This will either provide rules, objectives and policies supporting dredging without needing consent or land based mining.

Make comments that
mining and the extractives industry is necessary in the green and electrified world.
mining and the extractive industry should be recognised in otago
Mining and the extractive industry can co-exist with the natural environment.

And that this should be reflected in the water plan policies and rules.