Operation Conquer Hohonu

I hear there is a lot of history around this range with gold, particularly Greenstone River :eyes:. What are the recent stories surrounding this miracle pot of gold?


Recent stories?? None that I know of. Like you said, history. What makes you ask this? Have you tried google?
Seems to be quite a few odd questions popping up from first time posters & " new members."

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks for the reply JW, love your work.
I saw there is a claim down in the lower part of the greenstone river, wondering if it’s even worth having a look up near maori point as labeled on topo maps as a potential spot? Has anyone been up here recently at all?


Hi there, Greenstone probably one of the most worked dredged rivers on the coast. Anywhere worth looking at is claimed.

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