Oops, someone got caught out by customs

I’d actually heard this gold was mined in NZ rather than Alaska, despite what the story says…

And a Google translation for those who don’t read German…

At the end of September, customs officers found gold worth around 2,700 euros in the luggage of a 69-year-old man at Munich Airport.

The Austrian wanted to leave the customs area through the green exit for goods not requiring registration when customs officers asked him to check the luggage. Looking through his handbag, five glass containers with raw gold came to light.

“The traveler stated that it was raw gold that he had dug himself in Alaska for six weeks,” reports Marie Müller, spokeswoman for the main customs office in Munich.

The customs officers initiated criminal proceedings against the accused for attempted tax evasion. The man had to pay a security deposit before he could start his journey home to Austria.

Poor bugger. Only an ounce or so of gold l think. Even if it is NZ gold l would rather it be him who has it than the wealthy leeches and parasites who get the Macraes gold.

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Did he get to keep the gold?

oh dear, hope it wasnt our German friend who had such a bad time here, he was going to have a go on the claim, but hydrolicked his vehicle on the way up.

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