One hell of a bloke and mate less to go prospecting with

Hi all,
Some of you who are involved in the Shotover/Skippers dredging syndicate knew this bloke and I’m sure many of you will miss him very much just like me who was devastated to hear the news last week.
If you’re ever up Skippers way do stop by at the cemetery and pay your respect. He’s helped many people to get into this fantastic hobby which we no longer are able to share together.

RIP Ian, I’m fortunate enough to have some great memories of our trips together.


hi Dan, yes very nice bloke more than happy to share his detecting knowledge with me , i watched him chisel a nugget out of the bed rock on the shotover claim, i was convinced he was barking up the wrong tree , eventually after what seemed like hours he exposed a nice we nugget ,. RIP Ian and thankyou