One for the prospectors - XRF Available

I’ve posted occasionally in response to various peoples posts, but thought I’d reach out to the wider prospecting audience.

I have ready access to Energy Dispersive XRF. Anyone is free to send me samples of sands/gravels/rocks/dirt for a crude assessment of metals content. I don’t need to know locations, just assign an arbitrary reference that you can trace back to source.

Disclaimer, the scan will be a full spectrum scan - Our machine is not configured for quantitative on anything other than the mineral matrix we mine (which is far from gold-bearing). All I can do is provide you with the actual scan data (you get the raw data to further process as you wish) and identify relative levels of elements present. That is, to say “No gold/silver”, “Trace of gold”, “Some silver and mercury, no gold”. etc

First scan will be free (purely because it is a highlight to an otherwise tedious day, and it gives you the chance to decide if this service would be of use) but there would be a minimal subsequent charge for multiple samples ($5) per scan. Specific element requests lighter than calcium will require a helium purge at a small additional cost.

Turnaround time is typically under 72Hrs from receipt (depending on machine demand). If you wish samples returned (they will be crushed to less than 150µm for testing, but otherwise unaltered, eg chemically or thermally) and return postage would need to be covered in advance.

Feel free to ask any questions - Public forum is preferable to answering the same question 4 times by message… If you genuinely have something confidential, then by all means PM me, everything by PM is in confidence.

XRF/XRD and general minerals daemon :mage:


Sounds like a great offer Mudwiggle…very interesting…hope you get some take up here mate!

Xfr’s are great for prospecting. But keep in mind that gold is measured in PPB. Parts per billion. And most other minerals are PPM. PP Million. So if your searching for gold you need to look at the pathfinder minerals in a XFR scan. It will work, but not with the same accuracy. Still a lot cheaper then an assey. 1000ppb equals 1 gram per ton. Just incase anyone hits something good.

Do not use this machine on food. Once you find out what your eating. You will never eat from the store again. Ahahaha