On site accommodation

Who stays on site for long periods of time while dredging do you use a tent or get a caravan close or build a shelter etc. How long do you stay there before have to do a good gas run etc. I think if want to stay for a while you would need nice accommodation or else would be missable and then not want to as hard.

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guess that depends on how close your claim is to civilisation, ive done up to 7days tenting , dredging is hard work so a good bed and nights sleep will b more productive, on the other hand sandflies will wake u up early, im off dredging for 5 weeks and in gonna mix it up, mainly tenting with the odd night in a rented cottage, im lucky my claims not remote

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I have a camper trailer that I leave onsite so just need to take milk and bread and beer of course! just got home from 4 days there but could stay for much longer. When you finish dredging and go back to base and have a cold beer and a hot shower it makes the hard work all worth while :slight_smile:


yes I remember long walks back to my tent margarine that looked like yellow soup, milk that was lumpy and one million sandflys to welcome u home , so I dont mind a hot shower and flick tv on at all

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I may have my home comforts sorted but haven’t been able to chase away those sandflies! lol