Oldest coin so far

Hi all
I suppose as this is my first post I should start with a confession and get it out of the way - I am an addict.
My wife bought me a Fisher goldbug pro to go gold hunting but I have become seriously addicted to coin and relic hunting as well.
I know its an addiction because the GDP and I are inseparable, I have a rapidly growing collection of old coins, junk jewellery, rusty pocket knives and old metal toys and about $270 in perfectly good gold coins that I can’t bring myself to spend and I’m constantly looking for new places to dig. I even found myself getting frustrated that the GDP display screen doesn’t have a back light so I can stay out longer!
Recently while getting a quick detecting fix I found this 1889 British silver sixpence in the Queenstown area using the goldbug with the 5 inch coil.
It was the last find of the day and as you can see so worn that initially I didn’t even know it was a coin!


I can relate . …

Great going and the coin was a good find though no real collector value due to wear…but ‘treasure’ value is what counts. It sounds like your addiction is serious and you may need to go into rehab! All good though…it’s one addiction that passes the time in a fun way with exciting expectations and sometimes worthwhile results. I can understand you getting attached to the spendies…I do too and hoard them but get out less so have less now since I started hoarding them so only a fraction of what you have.

Nowt wrong with 130 year old silver.

Keep amassing the goldies - nothing feels better than getting a new detector, paid for in full by digging.
Of course, we don’t count the cost of fuel, batteries, pies etc that are incidental expenses along the journey :laughing:

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I cant afford a new detector because I now hoard the goodies like Uncle Scrooge! When silver was 20 times face value for New Zealand coins I sold all my detector finds except the best condition coins - I had a large preserving jar weighing kgs full of Britisha nd New Zealand silver. Today detector finds only a,punt to about 1kg because I dont get out much any more…hmmm I feel inspired BUT the weathers lousy!

keep on swingin…yer can"t beat it.

Well done gotta love 1800’s silver.

Thats ambiguous and a bit worrisome - I was invited to a swingers party in Dunedin but I said to the woman that I had lost the battery of my metal detector and she looked at me as though I was mad…not really true but I had to say it!

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