Old Sluice Workings - East End of Danseys Pass

Had a bit of a tiki tour around over the long weekend. One of the spots checked out was the old sluice workings around the East end of Danseys Pass.

South of river:

North of river:

Looks like they were sluicing quartz rich gravels to extract the gold. Looks like it’s well travelled so I imagine the gold would have been quite fine.


The golden gorse is doing very well. :grin:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

The remains of Bushy Dam which supplied water to the Livingstone workings.


The early miners sure had to do the hard yards by hand. Building dams, water races etc. When I was into reading and locating old records etc it was a treasure trove of information. On many, if not most of the old sluice workings it took capital and many months, and sometimes up to three years to get water to the ground. Before any sort of work commenced. One only has to walk an old water race to see the efforts they took. And they always got the fall. Spot on. Those were the days. Great pics Gavin. Been absent for a while on here. Often take a rest from the Internet. So good to be back.


Hi Trev
Good to see you putting your head above the parapet again.

To be fair, I’m absent sometimes also depending on how crazy my workload is :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome back :slight_smile: