Old School ;) Gold Cradle / Rockerbox

Here my new project from yesterday hope she works great will see :sunglasses::sweat_smile::thinking:


2.8 g for 10 h on my cradle and test 5 times my tailings could not find a spec so happy Days ;)…
Works great few adjustments but so far Iam happy but hard work so :sweat_smile::thinking::upside_down_face:…but that’s mostly quite hard work :grin:


Why on earth would you build a rocker box based on an antiquated desigb?

Everyone who has run a sluice knows you dont disturb the sluice or you loose gold.

You build a rocking sluice!

Why not build a ROCKER BOX with a sluice that is completely isolated and foes not move,thereby keeping ALL the gold you possibly can

He he yeah I know what you mean :grin: got few sluices but without water hmm not good really…spend only 10 Bucks on my Box so well paid back on my first outing I think the shake movement helps to let the gold sit deep in my matts…not loosing Gold at all pretty impressive I think with Nearly no water to run a sluice and pump not allowed in public areas is the only way I reckon do quite lot material in that kind of area with no water :slight_smile: and why put a sluice on when not needed :sunglasses::grin:

Excellent result you could not ask for better…every raised terrace and flood flood plane is now accessible, I pan spots along side the dredge that I always wish I had an old school rocker like this as the design is so simple using what mother nature provides…Gravity…and a bit of water and elbow grease shake that thing till the mats are yellow. I have seen some original ones of wood, one left in the tussocks on a fellows place I know…sometimes at cavalcades and things of the like there are sometimes replica cradles…some quite big ones in Ballarat at Sovereign hill, I could not imagine using it when it is saturated like my old wooden sluice box became impossible to cart around…keep it up :slight_smile:

Cheers will do :slight_smile: your right endless spots around and my one weight less then my A52sluice pretty heavy got an 888 dreammat sluice lighter but is only for clean ups or when I go with my daughter out is pretty easy …sometimes old ways are the way to go off course a modern lightweight Highbanker will do faster possible will not catch more because there is no way I lost anything in this 10 hours of use but the area I work is not to much black sand so don’t need to clean up can run all day…but like I said is not legal really with pump but just looking into it getting a hand bilge pump attached and give this a go see how it goes that’s the part of the game and I love it !! :)…but still I like the rocking movement I think is better then not moving at all…plus I turned the mesh wrong way rather then normal it Holt’s pockets where the gold settle when moving… :wink:

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The whole point of a rocker box is to run material where there is no running water so a sluice would be pointless. Nice build mate and nice gold well done!

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Cheers Mate yeah your right that’s the main reason :slight_smile:

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A rocker box classifies before running materials through a sluice.

Some of tge larger one had a constant pumped water supply.

Some modern small ones have a constant water supply to the sluice and you bucket water through the rocker section.

Maybe im a bit thick but i know what ive seen

Yea I think you getting confused…a rocker box is a rocker box…what your describing is a crash box

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Rocker box is a rocker box.

It does not require a sluice FIXED to it.

The box usually has a mesh or punched screen to classify and one or more trays to catch gold before exiting the box into the sluice section.

The museum has 2 on display built by a local nade from ply and galv punchplate with carpet inside.

You can hand bucket or pump water up to the top but the sluice can be imersed in the river.
It can also run without immersion and only feeding from the top lije one of the ultra modern american designs.

And once uncle google comes to the rescue-most definately not.
A crash box goes on a dredge,more commonly calked a header box.

One of the great things about rocker boxes is they can sample ground quickly without having to take pumps etc to run a highbanker. Nice and light and portable and dont need much water.
Also your right the rocking action helps settle the gold and really cataches the fine gold.
Nice build !!

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Cheers Mate appreciate it :slight_smile: !

There is a cradle still sitting on the bank at my place, decaying and last used about 1989.
Your one looks well constructed and a well constructed one is very efficient.
They dont require much water and l only used a tin can on the end of a stick to supply the water.
Great results. It’s good to see people achieving success.


Thanks ;)…yeah sometimes the old way is the way to go…is really satisfying to cradle is all about where you go and what equipment you need and I found out I love that cradle :)…to work where most people can’t be bother to work… :sweat_smile::upside_down_face: