Old mining photos from the West Coast

Quite an interesting collection of gold mining photos from yesteryears…


Pretty cool Gavin. Thanks for putting the link up. just got home from a gold panning prospect to a few creeks that were rumoured to have had gold in the early 1860’s over Wanaka way. Came home with a skunk. Was beautiful country though. Cheers

JW :slight_smile:

Always a great excuse to explore somewhere new! And I’ve got some new spots to check out from those photos. Hope it wasn’t too cold panning this time of year!

Ha ha…yes it was. I should have known better. My first panning in ages. I got the new 6" coil for my Equinox 800 (Thanks Dan) on friday. Took it out for its dabo today & got 14 TINY bits of gold for the grand total of .24 of a gram. It may rival the Gold Monster.


JW :slight_smile:


That’s pretty impressive! I might have to borrow one for a play to compare with my Gold Bug Pro. That also picks up the “fly shit” but curious to see how they compare.