Old milk can be used to extract gold and other metals from e-waste


I have a few pounds of the gold connections and gold ‘things’ cut out of computer circuit boards and never knew what to do with it - maybe I should give it a try.

Seems a great idea and nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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I’ve got a small collection going myself. Hoping to find a nice easy method where the chemicals aren’t too worrying regarding fumes etc. Just need a good bit of downtime so I can research.

I have “a few sticks of RAM” myself. Was hoping it was going to be as easy as soaking it in curdled milk but not to be.

Ive only got one stick of RAM and its got me into one hell of a lot of trouble.

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I have alot of computer stuffs I’m willing to get the gold out so this looks like something I’m keen to do👍what is the actual process of using old milk

I’d imagine it’s still quite an industrial process not easily repeatable at home. I could be wrong though.