Old claims on maps

Hi guys I’m wondering if there is something on the internet that would give more specific information on old time claims here on the west coast .
I have a coulpe that I just can’t find bugger all on . One I know exactly where it is but can’t find any info on such as the amount of gold found and company that run it etc .
The other I know the name of the mine and have read stories of it in a book but just can’t pinpoint it .
Surely one of you knowledgeable individuals could point me in the right direction ?

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There used to be a mine museum in Greymouth down towards the wharf that had maps etc. Not sure if its still there or not but might be a start

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Hi Jabs
This might help. Maps here date back to 1899 but didn’t cover the whole country then. Work your way through each layer (10 years) till present day. Lots of good info.



Thanks musket this is the kinda thing I’ve been looking for …cheers

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Sadly our museum isn’t there anymore and we haven’t got one at the moment .all our old buildings are deemed unsafe as earthquake prone

All depends if your looking north island or south island otherwise go to paperspast. Type up the area your looking for

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have a look at AtoJsOnline

if you have a prospect name etc you can search for it

They contain the reports of the mines inspectors which have a heap of historic info


Thanks for this link it is great.

Search for Minerals in a regon (Click on Link Below)

Search for Minerals in a Region (mindat.org)

Scroll well down to West Coast region

Select your area

It will give a brief history of the area.

Scroll down the Geology map it will show the basement types

Click on the red button right side

Select Setting button second from top.

Deselect bedrock. Click on Map and scroll

Knowledge is a great thing.

Don’t for get to use www.paydirt.co.nz

Permit Map

Map showing areas and details of gold related permits issued by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals.

DOC maps: Discover the outdoors

Click on DOC features

Tick Public Conservation Areas.

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Thank you for that .I will have a look and See what I can find .
It’s a hard thing finding these old spots and sadly most of the people that were there have passed away so you can’t just talk to them .

Hi, Jabs, You will be surprised what the locals know. I personally have found two areas that had long been forgotten by chatting with the locals I picked up a young fella hiking near Jacksons, the conversation came to gold. he mentioned that his father and grandfather worked claims in the Taipo area, so I went for a look about and found what he was talking about. The old online papers can be very useful.https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/west-coast-times


Oh right .il have to try have a yarn to a few of them .