Old Bullets,maybe musket balls

Hi all found these in a old swamp,not sure if the round ones are musket balls or not,the other one is a bullet but don,t know anymore about it,or how old,info on these would be great,thanks.

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Definitely looks like two musket balls and a mini ball. The small one has hit something for sure. If there are no holes in them like a sinker has then they probly are.
A good clue is where you found them - an old swamp.


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Gidday mate was great to meet you the other night in Hagley. You have two musket balls and an Enfield .577 bullet. Very cool.

if i remember rightly there was some kind of volunteer police force back in the 1860s hagley would have been the closest place to practice there shooting skills ,there was a raised bank at the western side of little hagley where i found dozens of them embeded in the bank looked like they were shooting from across the river,if you were to say a 100yards would be a decent distance to shoot,i bet i missed a few.

Hi chrispy,yeah good to meet you to,thanks for the info on the bullet.

Hi Roy,thanks for the info,i wonder how old the enfield bullet is.

yeah cheers shane,look to be the real deal,first ones I,ve found.

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