Old bottles - puddle's, thomson purity, Jeyes, lanes


Found these bottles in our back yard (Dunedin out near Seacliff Asylum). Can anyone tell us anything about them (especially the strange shaped one)??

Thomsons purity
Puddle’s Auckland
Strange shape bottle (see photo)


Want to try uploading again? I think you may have posted prematurely while the images were still uploading…

Run a search of the names through the auction sites (other than Trademe, although that can yield info occasionally)

Auction brochure example

Here’s a Lanes bottle (a wild guess, not having seen yours)

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Uploaded photp now (-:

@chris You able to help?

I would think that your bottles are about WWI vintage or 1920s.
Many years ago people called Munros at Seacliff owned quite a bit of land and just to the South of their place was a deserted house under which there were hundreds of old bottles…Back then I was only after Cofds marble bottles, torpedo bottles and blue bottles…the rest I left. I got a few Marble bottles around their property.
Seacliff is quite a historic area so much to be found.
As a sideline a friend of mine lived at Seacliff as his father was the boss man at the asylum though I did not know my friend at that time as he was older.


Your photo almost looks as though it was taken at the north end of Seacliff looking north - if so I used to know the area well though now some details slip my mind.
The house in the top red circle is where my first selection of Thompsons marble bottles came from at least forty four years ago. The was a deserted house to the south of there - possible one of the other two circles or possible over the railway line behind the top circle and under it was a sea of bottles - I only got what I wanted to get and left the remainder!
I had many a secret spot around the district and even today know where there are large number of ancient Maori artifacts in a relatively small area as we used to get them as kids in the nineteen fifties and sixties. My own grand parents back yard yielded greenstone and stone adzes now and again.

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The other bottle is called a
ZEP .from ballins chch