Oily pan.. (title must be 15 chars)

Morning all, during my last move i managed to get oil on one of my plastic pans… ive tried soap and sand to degrease but the stain keeps coming up… any suggestions?

did it once. had to throw it away.

Dagnabbit… thought that might be the case. A decent excuse to go buy some more pans tho!

To get rid of oil you need a cleaner that will dissolve the oil. Regular soap wont do it. Try a solvent based cleaner as perhaps used in an auto shop.


Try a bit of petrol. Hopefully it doesn’t react to the plastic though, I’d imagine it should be ok.

White Spirits? Meths? I got oil on my old and very sentimental Army jacket and never got it off - I just wander around smelling like a refinery.

Since the pan my be a write off i guess i can try pretty much anything… ill try high proof alcohol next then petrol if that wont work.

All part of the adventure!

the high proof alcohol seems the best bet. sum for the pan and sum for me. after awhile who gives a shit about the pan

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I like the way you think! Maybe some 95+% for the pan and a little 40ish% for me. If nothing else it will give me an excuse to have a jar this eventide…

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