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Ohhhhhhh what a night!

Hi all we have not posted in some time but out for a hunt tonite and we got lucky our good friend found and awesome spill or hoard I think it was buried what do you think there were 15silvers 3 coppers hh all


Best spill I have seen yet - I am totally jellyarse. I think it is more likely that soemone hid it. Probably flogged them then got the guilts and hid it.

I would have gone gaa gaa over the top coin - its a cracker.

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Wow that’s fantastic I dream of finding something like that, well done guy’s.

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Hell that’s awesome well done

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Yes I’m not to sure it is close to some very old houses and some other nice stuff has come out of this location!

Thanks! You just have to keep looking this was in a spot we have been to many times don’t really know how we missed it we have walked over this so many times just shows you there is always something to find! Hh

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That’s a pretty awesome haul! Must be some story lost to time there for such a good find!

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Yes it would be great to know how it ended up there! Someone must have been planing on coming back and for some reason never made it we will never know