Nzpam online reporting

So I just got around to registering my self to use the online permit system they want us all to use , thats about as far as iv gotten as i came to the bit that ask,s me to agree to their terms and conditions , I am often guilty of just ticking the box without reading them however this time I read them and iv balked at the bit that says ; USE OF INFORMATION

By using the NZP&M online permitting system, personal and other information about you will be collected and held by NZP&M and shared with third parties for the purpose of assessing permit and permit change applications.

This personal and other information will be collected and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out in these terms of use.

By using the NZP&M online permitting system you agree to provide personal and other information to NZP&M and third parties for certain purposes, and agree that the purposes for which this information may be used include:

a) Assessing any applications made through the NZP&M online permitting system;

b) Contacting you in relation to any applications made and granted permits; and

c) Providing that information to third parties for the purposes of assessing your capability and systems that are likely to be required to meet the health and safety and environmental requirements of all specified Acts for the types of activities proposed under a permit in accordance with section 29A(2)(d) of the Crown Minerals Act.

Who are the third partys my personal information is to be shared with and what are there certain purposes ?..My Cynicism is growing with age :slight_smile: .

my guess is 3rd parties being other governmental agencies. potentially your local and regional councils, osh. most likely so they can further extort dollars from you for whatever new reason. i don’t think they would be selling the data on but who knows these days.

When my permit fees went from $455 to $1150 a year I decided that I am going to make them work for every dollar I pay. I will always fill out the paper work and mail it in. Just make sure you send it tracked and signed. The first year I did this they said they didn’t receive it. But I still had the receipt from mailing it. Then some how they found it. Surprise surprise.

The increase in the fees was ment to free up people to process this kind of stuff. So get to work and don’t expect us to make your job easier. You didn’t make ours any easier after the huge increase.

Now make sure everyone mails it in on the last week before the dead line. That always makes them happy.

Iv had the same experience twice posting it in , I found the paper version easy so as you say perhaps just stick with the old way of posting it in , surely they must still accept the reporting ? , I contacted nzpam and asked the above terms and conditions questions so await a response .

Both myself and a mate with his claim had the same story about the paperwork being lost too.

Funny thing. A couple hours after posting this I got an email from nzpam about my upcoming obligations. Good thing I got my tracking number.

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