NZPAM Maps Permit Types

A Question on permits on the NZPAM site, I am looking at doing
a bit of fossicking when I head to the South Island in Feb 2018 I will mainly
be sticking to the public fossicking locations but would also like to
do a bit of panning elseware on streams and rivers bordered by public / Doc
land, Obviously I don’t want to upset anyone with an existing claim, this
hasn’t really been an issue in the North Island as its only the big companies
that have claims up here and I don’t think they care about someone panning for a few specs

I see on the NZPAM site there are quite a few different permits, if an area is covered by
a Prospecting permit Application (Shaded area) does that mean you don’t go there? also there
are areas covered by Exploration Permit Applications.

Where should one steer clear of so as not to upset anyone or get shot??

Yeah definitely stay away from the Prospecting Permit Claim & Exploration Permit Claims.

As for the massive grey NAA areas, I don’t think anyone would have a problem if you had a sneaky little pan.

Hi thanks, so an Application is considered a Claim? and to be kept away from

What is DOC like down South when it comes to recreational panning? up here in the North Island the staff I have come across haven’t been a problem as long as you stay in the active stream bed, some even point you to where your likely to find some colour, the only hassles I have had up North is from the anti mining Green types. I guess it could be different down South were good Gold and money is involved.

cant say I have had any issues personally with DOC and like you they were quite helpful the couple of times I have had dealings but I were on public areas. they haven’t got a good reputation in general down here though. at least not on the west coast

that’s because they are who they are , I cant name names as it will come back and bite me but there is one in Westport that is a real arse. grilled me for 2 hours in the Westport office and in the end he realized he didn’t have a bloody thing on me as I had the claim in the area. mean while he was working with a 6" up behind his own house without a permit. don’t get me started on their double standards


I guess I will find out when I get there… suppose it depends on the individual’s attitude and if they are having a bad day or not, Stealth may be the name of the game along with careful choice of parking spot :slight_smile:

Take a shovel. Nice large handle heavy bastard. If they are an ass they deserve a friendly bop on the head. World needs less pests anyways. Chances are you have a suitable hole dug already hahaha :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Can anyone tell me if the Claim #55529.01 Near Howard Joint owned by PAMs and Tasman District Council is a Public Fossicking Area? Its currently Under Evaluation… I see there is an Active Public area further up the Creek.