NZ topo maps(Gavin)

Hi, does nz topomaps allow you to manually enter coordinates and does that location show on the map once entered

It sure does. If you’d like to make yourself a link with a pin and label you can go to the ‘Share Map’ functionality - New Zealand Topographic Map - NZ Topo Map - you’ll probably be interested in the ‘Add a pin and label’ section.

You can also enter coordinates directly into the search box for quickly locating an area.

If you’d like to convert between coordinate systems then you might find the ‘Coordinates’ functionality useful - New Zealand Topographic Map - NZ Topo Map

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Cool gavin cheers,pretty good at $20py

It’s free mate, unless you’re making a donation. In which case - thank you :slight_smile:


What’s the $20 upgrade to pro,is that just a donation, all good if it is.

I only run and maintain but I guess you must be asking about the Android app it links to? If so, that’s a 3rd party app. I believe you can contact the developer directly to ask questions via its listing in Google Play. Hope that helps clear things up?

2020-09-09 10_27_05-New Zealand Topographic Map - NZ Topo Map

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Heya, I wonder… Is it possible to somehow enter New Zealand Map Grid coordinates?

You can search for NZTM coords and grid refs as long as you don’t use decimal places (so only accurate to the nearest meter, which should be good enough for most cases). There’s also coordinate conversion functionality available under the menu items. Hopefully that does everything you need?

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It doesn’t seem to do what I need. If I enter NZMG, it interprets it as NZTM2000. If I try to convert NZMG to anything, it comes out in a format that does not get recognized. Please don’t take this as criticism, I have no “expectations” of something that is free to use. I’m fully capable of converting NZMG to anything I need externally and the inputting it, but think it might be a useful function to have in this case too. After all, most of the information that is worth anything to us in our hobby is in NZMG.

Ah yes, it does assume use of the newer NZTM coordinate system rather than the older NZMG legacy one if it looks like you’re searching for northing and easting coordinates. Most systems and info use NZTM now-a-days from my experience so I imagine you’re researching locations via some older data sources. As a work-around you could always use an online tool like Transform coordinates - GPS online converter to convert the NZMG coords into NZTM or WGS84 for use on the topo if you’re trying to find a location.

None taken. I always welcome feedback as if I can think of ways to improve the functionality I will when I get a bit of spare time to throw at it :wink: For this sort of thing I’d probably need to enhance the New Zealand Topographic Map - NZ Topo Map functionality so you have an option of what coordinates you want to provide as the source. Probably wouldn’t be too much effort to add a drop down at the top for importing your coordinates in one of the expected projections… I’ll add it to the todo list.

BTW, feel free to add the suggestion here - - and if there’s a lot of demand for it then it’ll creep up to the top of my list a bit quicker.