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NZ topo maps(Gavin)

Hi, does nz topomaps allow you to manually enter coordinates and does that location show on the map once entered

It sure does. If you’d like to make yourself a link with a pin and label you can go to the ‘Share Map’ functionality - - you’ll probably be interested in the ‘Add a pin and label’ section.

You can also enter coordinates directly into the search box for quickly locating an area.

If you’d like to convert between coordinate systems then you might find the ‘Coordinates’ functionality useful -

Cool gavin cheers,pretty good at $20py

It’s free mate, unless you’re making a donation. In which case - thank you :slight_smile:


What’s the $20 upgrade to pro,is that just a donation, all good if it is.

I only run and maintain but I guess you must be asking about the Android app it links to? If so, that’s a 3rd party app. I believe you can contact the developer directly to ask questions via its listing in Google Play. Hope that helps clear things up?

2020-09-09 10_27_05-New Zealand Topographic Map - NZ Topo Map