Nox on wet sand and salt water

Nox 800.
Long term at pro user.
How does the nox 800 go on wet sandand salt water in nz.
Lots on line everwhere else .
Im in the coromandel so do alot of beach hunts with at pro on dry and an old infinium on wet sand and water.
Many thanks in advance

Beach 2 works just fine, almost as good as the Excal.

Thanks for that.was thinking of upgrading to the 800 for sand bit of water work.keep the at as a back up and for my lady to use and grab an excel in future for diving.
The infinium is pretty good but super heavy for a long sesion and i would have to get water proof earphones to dive with.
How does that sound as a plan for the next 5 years.
I also considered tbe anfibo …some good reports overseas and i love the vibrating handle so no earphones

I do beach mainly, wet-dry sand. Used in the thames/coro area.

Selling my at pro for an equinox 800 was the best decision I made. They’re not in the same league. Its like easy mode.

No more false beeps, auto ground bal is a game changer.

The down side is Its frustratingly sensitive and finds tiny things.

Hey thanks for that…never mind digging for something that is there…yeah the false single thing is hard to deal with at times.i do like the pro on dirt ,pretty darn good.

So are you hunting the firth??
Im on the other side.lots of hot rocks and iron in the sand.
Think i will be placing the order in the weekend for the nox…like the big numbers on the screen too…eyes aint what they were

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yes had one of the first ones out rate it tops on land ,sea, bush,

Solid votes.

Hi mate, do you still have the infinium? Any interest in selling? Cheers

Nah sorry mate but the 800 is a goodie