Nox 800 gold settings

Any one with a nox have a VDI#s for raw gold nuggets,using the gold modes on the nox8,some thing I can start with,the book says 1&2 ??

I gave my Equinox away more or less and got a Gold Monster as the Equinox confused me to hell and in comparisons with three Gold Monster was not near as good.

Yep don’t want that route just yet ,but if need be later on,thanks LL.

Have a read of this from a well respected expert Equinox 800 Gold Nugget Detecting Tips - Minelab Equinox Forum -
I have had my 800 up a few gold creeks but they have been all public and hammered. Takes a bit of getting used to and the hot rocks can be annoying as they don’t give the iron bong you get in the other non prospecting modes. If you have a good few hours on the nox you will be able to sus it out, I have found a few 22 bullets that got me going but that’s about it. Kiwijw is a legend with the coil and has great success he might comment too.

@Dreamyminer cheers friend helpful read…