NOX 800 finds gold and sliver and more update 14.08.18

These are my first finds with my new NOX 800
This one great detector

Update to NOX 800 finds this weekend 11.08.18
Looks like a bunch of bullets? some of them hit something

Slagged off work and went detecting and Im glad I did beach hunt
1x 9ct gold pendent
1 silver chain and a bunch of junk (love detecting)


thats a great start for a new heater it looks a great machine

Great work Gonna be a tough hunt to follow!!

NOX 800 update 11.08.18

Hi there NZ Hunter,
great finds with your new detector!, am looking at the NOX 800 myself to upgrade from me x-terra 70.
Done a lot of research on Youtube, it looks like a good all rounder, anyways happy hunting and if you be in the Nelson area and are up for a gold hunt drop me a line and will sort a trip out,Cheers X-terra Steve

HI steve and thanks you never know I might take up on your offer

NOX 800 update 14.08.18