Nowhere to pan in southland

I’m in Invercargill looking to pan. Gemstone beach is one solid claim. Don’t feel like driving up to queenstown. Anything local? Any one owning a claim that would let me poke around? Anyone know who owns the claim along the entire length of gemstone beach?

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Theres some locals that own the claim there,head to the local pub and ask cant hurt,or take the risk and have a pan not like your going to find big nuggets there it’s all flour gold you’ll give up frustrated before you can separate 100 specs from all the black sand.


Hi Andrew…We used to go to an area around FreshFord with a pan I realise there is a big mine around there but down Mahers Beach road we would camp and fossick in the river .just good fun to get out and try your luck The local farmer grazed sheep there also and he just wanted to make sure the gate was fastened when going through


Thanks Pete. I talked with a shop owner in Waikaia about panning in the area. We got stuck in Piano Flat camping the other day. River was not suitable for panning :wink: Need to find a cheap 4wD. This is an expensive hobby.