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Nostalgia aint what it used to be

For someone who grew up with a bakelite windy-handle party line and “Number please?” at the other end this put Apollo 11 technology within grasp.

We had a 1200baud modem one of the first in the district, on a party line! - probably 100baud allowing for the electric fences and other users giving the phone a Razz… but the world was (oh, so nearly) at my fingertips, albeit at 2am to avoid interference

Of course, it couldn’t replace the good old networking - “177M please”, “Oh, Brett’s down at the gamefish club tonight, I’ll put you through to there…” or, “Where’s Janice tonight?”, “Oh, she’s at so-and-so’s. I’ll put you through”. And always the ever present “TickTock”. So named as the resident eavesdropper on this line had a very loud mantle or grandfather clock near the phone. Usually sorted with a “Piss Off!”… followed by ‘click’ and psuedo-privacy. Only for ‘ticktock’, ‘ticktock’,‘ticktock’ to return after a few minutes :laughing: Poor sod was probably lonely.