Northland yellow

First there was Honorable Roddy, I shall call this The Lentil…
2.8g out of a cleft in some heavily mineralised and quartzy rock.
Let the speculation begin (Confirmed not pyrite)

I can’t do it and don’t want to start a new rush up this way. It’s probably a brass bolt that’s been rolling around for a hundred or so years. Took it into the lab to go all science on it and density of 8.58 confirmed it. Still going in the cabinet for laughs.


Do you think you may have been the recipient of a clever plant. Used Braising rod maybe. lol

:smile: Even better if it is a “Gotcha” and I tip my hat to the dedication to tuck it away where it was

I’d be checking that 56 Penny to see if it’s a strapless MW.

Strapped, unfortunately. Shame as in good nick.

‘Nuggets’ like that are best placed in strategic locations whereby they become ‘honesty testers’ - my friend Henry has a bottle of homemade ‘gold nuggets’ on the window ledge at my place. Now and again a few more go missing - and we laugh.