Northland newbie saying Hi

I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now. Especially as I kinda like the idea of taking a detector into the bush. Or to interesting looking places I’ve found. Wouldn’t mind having a go at some local beaches too. Think I’m going to go for a Fisher F22 for my first intro unit. I live rural Whangarei, moving to Waipu currently. So I like the idea of being able to hunt around for stuff. I was originally from the UK and used to love ‘fossiking’ on the beaches there as a kid. This kinda steps it up to another level. The wife is really into history and all that historic detective work. So we’re thibnking of doing it together. We’d like a reasonable unit to work with and something that will have a resale value when we upgrade. So are avoiding the cheapo TradeMe offerings.
Have done heaps of research and feel like I’m ready to go find stuff


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Firstly, welcome to the MonkeyHouse :smiley:

Secondly, I’m afraid you’re not going to get much in metallic history out here (ex-Pom speaking)

Thirdly, half the fun is in the research and sticking a pin in the map and then having a go and seeing if you were right.
Big thing out here is permissions are a lot easier to secure (generally) and there isn’t the public liability insurance/treasure trove red tape to deal with like in the UK (yet).

If you can stretch to it, look at the F44. These machines hold a good resale value if looked after and gives you a little more than the 22. Alternatively, the AT Pro is a very versatile machine if you can pick up a good one second hand.

When you get your property in Waipu, hunt that to exhaustion first - there’s some good history out that way, and you’ll perfect your retrieval methods without upsetting Groundskeeper Wullie (I have Scottish blood, so can get away with that :wink: )

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The property in Waipu has had a villa removed and a cottage put on and then another old villa put on the property. It’s a bit ramshackle so am looking forward to hunting that. I’ll see how far the budget stretches after I’ve moved.
TBH I’m not that bothered what I find really.
What do people mostly do with their finds?

I just keep adding mine to the collection


Lead weight’s I’ll happily use re/use.
What do you do if you do find someone’s personal belongings? I imagine it is pretty hard to trace the owners?

Lead is always good a) It has a reasonable scrap vlaue, and b) if you’re hitting a lot of lead on the beach, then you’re in the Gold zone.

Stuff like rings, if it’s a surface find and distinct (as opposed to the bog-standard plain 9ct band) then I put it through the Police Lost property - get 9 out of 10 back. If it’s deep, going green with age then it goes in the swag bag.
Phones usually ring within 24Hrs with a frantic owner on the other end.

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Personally I melt all of my recoveries down, unless they have some collectable quality.
I’m a home scientist so have some uses for them.

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Hi Marty I can ashore you there is nothing worth detecting any further north than waipu :sweat_smile:

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Ignore him Marty - He lies. The Tutukaka area is loaded with gold!

…Just nothing north of Hikurangi :wink:

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I’ve watched some vids on you tube… 20 mins and I should have a couple of gold rings, a few silver ones and about $50 in spendies… :stuck_out_tongue:

For true reality, check out the FB group: Metal Detecting Crappy Finds :smile:
(It’s a real thing)


I’m under no illusions really. It just appeals to my geeky side.
I’ve watched hundreds of vids over the last couple of weeks. I really like addicted to bleeps on YouTube.