North Island fossicking area,up dates

@Golgui nice work! Being a bit of a GIS fan myself nice to see someone else using QGIS in anger :slight_smile: I have to re-learn everything every time I go into it though as don’t need to play with it that often.

Gavin what app can I use to open it

First, as for the contact at the Waikato Regional Council, I was in touch with Ryan Morrison He might be of help :slight_smile:

And as for the app, you need to download the whole folder, then import the file “2019 11 22 - New gold fossicking areas NI maps.qgs” into QGIS v. 3.0.1 (look for this version here Index of /downloads) or later.
The paths to the layers are set to relative, so as long as you do not move anything in the folder I linked, you should not have any trouble (i.e. you should not see a message saying that QGIS cannot find the layers) when opening the .qgs file. I have tried on my computer by moving my folder to another location, and it was happy :slight_smile:
And yes, you are better off send the folder to NZPAM and DOC and let them see where is the most sensible for a fossicking area. As my experience with the Karangahake area taught me we really need people with a good knowledge of what these areas look like.

Ah ah I do not get to play with GIS that much with my work either, I need to create myself side-projects like this one to keep using it :smiley: I love it so much, I am fascinated with maps!

@Golgui OK I think this is a bit beyond me unable to do anything with it, coming up as invalid formats etc can you send to,explaning the maps and the how too would be great. Is the Tararu stream also included in your maps and could you CC me in as well if that’s OK any chance of sending screenshots to me. So we know what we looking at cheers Tom

OK no worries I will send an email later today.

As for Tararu stream, here is what it looks like:

So, it is promising too, there is a good chunk of public land around, with a road passing in the middle that is then turning into a walking track into further public land :slight_smile:

@Golgui mate any chance of putting up the kauaranga valley one

Sure, here is the Kauaeranga Valley one (it is the upper part of the valley, where the DOC land and tracks start):

And the Waiorongomai one:

Also, I got an auto reply from Annette Pocock saying that she is on leave until Dec 3rd.

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Cool thanks mate,not much to do but wait now,

Pillie76 scared her off with his submission,lol

Unless she’s on leave in Marlborough to check out my locations!! Now that’s dedication!! I’m hopeful we’ll both get somewhere mate, we do I’ll gift my first picker to Annette :grimacing:

Diamonds or flowers mate ,“not my gold”:blush:


Ok maybe a little generous there!

Have you checked your map against exsisting exploratory permits on nzpam? Last time I check it out most of NZ is locked up in some sort of permit?

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The three stream locations on NZPAMs show there are no permits of any sort over lapping these locations,Kauaranga Valley is the only location with exploratory permits near them,(Taken out by Oceania)The northern boundary I would think is a half click away ,but it shouldn’t be an issue

Yep there is a layer in my QGIS project with NZPAM permits. They are not displayed on the images I sent because I had already removed the rivers within :slight_smile:

FYI - Reply I just got from Annette:

“Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your very detailed email. I will look into everything that you sent and get back to you.

Will let you know of any development of course :slight_smile:

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terawhiti hill, black gully, wairiki stream,break neck stream, extreme south west corner of the north island
was a large gold mining area back in the day with many claims:

Hi Kiwimike and welcome to paydirt, not sure if its under DOC management or if its private land,but as far as I can tell there are no active claims in there.I did think about the area,but I thought that I wait for any feedback to come in think its only fair that we submit a map of the area (but will have to see if Golgui is ok with doing a map up) and try our luck for you good gentlemen and ladies down there we can only but try.

@Golgui…any chance of a map being done up for our semi southern friend and forwarding it on to Annette to add to the other lot if not I can send one in marking the area mentioned,Thanks Tom.

as far as I know it is the terawhiti station,
used to be animal fattening , but now windmills
it is government owned
there is a map available somewhere called “goldwind” or sounded like
about the gold and wind currents in the area
the last fultime panner died in `57 I believe
since they put in the windmills access has got harder

@tomdaniel Not sure I can get this done this week, I already have quite a lot on my plate with work :confused: I thought that maybe we should wait for Annette to get back to us about the first maps I sent, because she might ask for more layers to be added or she might give us more info about identifying potential sites for example, which would be better to know before investigating other locations :slight_smile:

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