Non slip footwear

can anyone advise of the best type or brand of footwear to use on a slippery riverbed. tia

Trout fisermans boots-the ones with felt soles.

Dont last long but pretty solid

A few good recommendations in these…

I find a pair of Hi Tec or similar ankle high soft hiking boots from op shops and usually get a couple of seasons out of a pair. I always stub my feet when wearing surf booties ouch…my mate drills holes in a pair of old gumboots to drain when he steps out of the water but I get too worn out wearing gumboots all day…have yet to try Alan Hamilton’s go to foot wear that he wore sniping, good old Converse shoes.

I spend a lot of time tramping in some pretty rough terrain. Spent most of the time doing that to get to rivers with bedrock :sunglasses: Had some nasty falls, fallen off a cliff, have some tall tales :sunglasses:

I have some pretty solid recommendations based on going through a pair of boots every 4 to 6 months - no kidding. I have tried a fair number.

The best thing I have found for no slip, when your life depends on it, are Salomon Speed Cross running shoes. Seriously the grip on these is amazing. These have never let me down. They are lightweight and super comfy. However the draw back is they wear fast and there is no ankle support like a boot. Where they suck is rolling your ankle. Thats not such a prob in a river but it is on the getting to and from the river if its off track or rough track. So I don’t use them any more as a stuffed ankle is no fun.

So currently I am using Salomon X Ultra mid GTX. They are not as grippy as the Speed Cross - had a nice face plant on some rocks last year - cleaned my nose nicely - they are a bit heavier, but they do support the ankle.

I can hear my mates mocking my using Salomon brand stuff, but seriously those Speed Cross shoes are the grippiest ever.

Hey Nafcd - Try out some hardsole dive boots and spray the bottom with flexi seal with is a form of liquid rubber. Add in some sand to the liquid rubber and when it cures you have really grippy shoes that are great and keep your feet warm


I’ve got a pair of hard soled leather John Bull boots. Screwed a few hex head galve screws into soles works a treat for slippery rock hopping