Nokta pinpointer any good for smaller gold?

As @ATandy is dealing Nokta I decided to take a quick look at their pinpointers.

Found this listing on Amazon and the feedback suggests that they are very sensitive. Anyone had any experience with them finding sub-gram nuggets? Particularly in water? I’m thinking it could be a good sniping tool as it’s waterproof.

I had a Garrett Pro-Pointer a good few years back now and it was useless for small nuggets. Their newer models might be better though.

i havnt got experience with finding small gold with them so i cant give you an educated opinion of their capability to do so but the reviews and feedback etc iv heard is promising etc! the Nokta pointers are waterproof and have 10 levels of sensitivity! the Macro pointers are very similar but have only 3 levels of sensitivity so would be more suited to coin/relic recovery etc! cheers.

When I get 5 mins I’ll have to do some thorough googling!


Oooo, looking promising! I may have to treat myself to a new toy for sniping before summer kicks in. How much you selling them for?

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$235 mate! $220 for the Macro pointer and $175 for the Nokta RS pointers…the RS pointers are not water proof!

I’m a bit confused. Which one is the one in the videos and Amazon link above? I was under the impression from the above that Nokta pinpointers are waterproof?

The Garret Pro Pointer AT is waterproof to 3m. I’ve heard it is excellent.
Unsure about sensitivity to small nuggets, if someone has experienced it, otherwise I’ll see if I can find a youtube review/test on small gold.

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The 1 in your Amazon link is the NOKTA POINTER and yes they are water proof…makro also make a almost identical pointer that is also water proof and there is also the original pointer that Nokta made called the Nokta RS pointer and they are not water proof! hope that clears up any confusion…3 different pointers! cheers.


I know this is an old thread but not much has changed regarding Pointers

I am with Andy on this - The Nokta Pointer is very sensitive to small gold & its built tough, waterproof and backed up with brilliant after-sales support - I am sure you will also find VLF Pointers (Nokta/Makro/Pro-Find 25/Garrett AT) to be more sensitive on AU to the PI ones (X-Pointer etc) -

However, I have not tested the Pro-Find 25 or the Garrett AT but I do know the Nokta’s & Makro’s are built tough - Real Tough & that’s what you want if you are going bush -

They are also cheaper than the other VLF’s

Check this out on the Makro Pointer Drop test (Nokta is built the same)

Give Andy a call - only $235.00