Nokta/Makro Detectors

Gidday fellas, just wondering your thoughts on these detectors, (please only those who have used or personally seen performance).
My research on them so far is that they are a great company striving to make detectors that the end user loves and functions as intended.
Am personally looking at the gold kruzer.

Also, looking for feedback regarding trades with Atomic 79 who is the New Zealand dealer for them. Just doing my due diligence.

Thanks for reading guys and gals, and happy hunting!

P.s would be really keen to find some like minded gold mad otago folk who like to have a prospect with either pan/sluice/detector
Love to learn detecting with someone experienced, or just have a beer and chat about the yellow stuff and the beautiful country side in which we explore to find it.


I can’t speak on their detectors but they seem to work well from others I know who use them. Brodie at atomic79 has a good reputation, I got my pinpointer off him was fast service and when it packed a sad 6 months later was quick to get it sorted and sent out a replacement. If you are on Facebook best to PM him for faster response. Hope this is helpful.

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Cheers Cosmo, appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: yeah Brodie answered my questions queries straight away was very helpful.
Impressed with the contact,
Still happy to hear feedback about the detector if anyone has any
Cheers all

Hi. I dont have or use a multi kruzer but have read a lot of good things about them, plus I have heard that the warranty on Nokta-Makro units is very quick and the company very helpful…very important! . There are very good overseas detecting sites where there is a wealth of information and comparisons to other detectors to be had so it just means a lot of reading. Eg:, (Steve Herschbach runs a tight no B…S forum),, being good ones to join or follow. Good luck in whatever you choose for your INTENDED type of detecting as no one detector does it all.


Nokta-Makro NZ Dealer