No bloody Au here

Everyone is either silver or junk in this lot. Doing my old head in. Where’s the bloody gold. Jezz, I must be getting past it. New toy coming in a couple of days so maybe that will help.


Nothing wrong with that. Silver is good!

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Golds way better.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m with you JW. Sorry LL, but your outvoted.

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I never said that gold was not better. I just said that silver is good.

Your right LL. It’s just that I average around 1 gold in every 6 rings I find. Lately that’s not happening. Either I’m not working hard enough or I’m losing my touch.
Probably both.

What I have learned is that if there is silver around, there will be gold. Check settings, gold can be same indication as junk. Says someone who didn’t check properly and mate came up behind and dug up the signal. Baaaarstid.

Thanks kiwisouth, I will try that.