Nice find from old sawmill site in the south

Was fortunate to have permission to hunt over an old sawmill site in The Catlins area. Plenty of heavy duty steel relic’s and wire cable. Found the long nail in a rotting tree trunk. But the bronze ?? stamped plate has to be treasure. Any idea’s on what that may be off please??. Sawmill probably was operating around the 1920 - 1930 period.

Had a scout around the campsite I was staying at, 50c, 2c, 10c x 3, pull tab (dam things) soda stream gas bottle, Tui cap, 308 cartridge, pull tab, battery, tent pegs. Nothing all that interesting but I guess it is the thrill of what the next beep brings. :wink:


Nice going there I would say the brass plate is probably off a steam engine it will be for the cylinder drain tap which you must open when starting the engine to let the water out

Brilliant, and thanks, I’m going to a steam up here in Waimate over the weekend so will check that out. :smiley:

If its the stream at Kelcrys Bush you might get the odd treasure but I really put the Hoover over it in the 1980s and got the cream…with possible exceptions only the Curds and whey left unless you find one of those little hidden spots where the local likely lads did nefarious things with equally as dubious young women…I nearly said ‘ladies’ but they sure in hell werent no ladies!