NF 12 x 7 Exceed Coil

Hi Guys. Took my new NF Exceed coil on the GPX 6000 for a spin yesterday. Going over the same ground as my finds of last Sunday with the ML 11" coil. Managed three tiny little bits. None very deep & almost Gold Monster size tiddlers.

This one I thought was another small pellet, which I got more than my fair share off, but a rub between my fingers to cut through the dirt & mud revealed the colour of gold.

Certainly won’t be quitting my day job at that rate. But was pretty impressed with that coil finding those.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi JW, thats pretty impressive, do you find that the detector is more stable using the nugget finder coil compared to the 11" Minelab?

Hi Charlie. I actually really like the 11" coil. My first one that came with the detector suddenly just died completely on me one day. It got replaced under warranty. I don’t know if you are aware of all the drama & fall out over how ratty the 6000 was for many people. As for me I am very used to running my detectors flat out, which can make them a bit noisy & ratty, but I can hear through that & pick out a signal. But with the 6000 it just always seemed a bit unstable. People seemed to accept that it was just the nature of the best & that it may have been the Geo Sense doing its thing to make the detector really hot. Others gave up in frustration & got rid of theirs. Long storey short , It turned out there was a problem with a part & you were able to send your detector in & have it replaced, the part that is.

It is early days with the 12 x 7 but I can’t really see it getting deeper than the 11" coil. I have found some pretty deep small gold with the 11" that surprised the heck out of me. But the 12 x 7 being elliptical you can poke its nose into tight spots that the 11" would struggle. My 11" runs pretty quiet anyway so I didn’t notice the 12 x 7 being any/much different. Don’t forget, our ground is very mild compared to many places over seas where they have to run in difficult mode & turn the sensitivity down. I can run in Normal & full max sensitivity. That may be the difference. I won’t be hanging up my 11" that is for sure.

Hope that was of some help, but it probably wasn’t as I know guys over seas are banging on big time at how much better the 12 x 7 is over the 11". But like I said, it is early days for me with the 12 x 7.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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