Newbie looking for advice

Gday all
Looking for advice on where I can coin shoot in and around Dunedin. I’m a bit weary of digging where I shouldn’t. I know how to dig my plugs etc. Any advice or direction will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had no troubles coin shooting around Dunedin on public land. Only one gardener who was bewildered and upset, so I moved 100m away then continued :slight_smile:
I didn’t detect manicured lawns or sports grounds, nor busy places with lots of eyes watching. My theory is that if you leave the place so that in a weeks time even you can’t tell whether you’ve detected it, then you’re doing it right, and no one can make a case that you’re in the wrong. Fill in holes neatly, take rubbish finds with you. Even picking up a bit extra trash while you’re at it doesn’t hurt. Gives no one an excuse to complain.
Good luck, hope you find some goodies!!