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Hi all, just joined the community and looking to take up detecting on the local beaches. Can anyone suggest a entry level detector that would be suitable, something not too expensive as I am only testing the waters and need to be make sure that I wish to continue. Something under $200 would be great for price, but would it work?


for that price you could get a length of copper wire and divine for metal.
your quality of machine for $200 will burst your bubble pretty quick.

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Thanks, have seen a make called gold century detectors advertised, supposedly good for the newbies,but have my doubts. That was my starting range of $200. Early days for me so don’t really know the brands to avoid, any info muchly appreciated.

You might be able to pick up a ace 250 for that price it will work ok on dry sand and the grass edges and to be honest most of the good stuff is found there they are a awesome coin machine in the dirt

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Have a look at my thread entitled MD-3005mk2(cheap chinese)

First, where are you, a beach with any black sand and you’re just not going to be using a cheap detector, if you want to go into any wet sand you’re not going to be using any cheap detector. The Minelab Vanquish is as cheap as you’ll get to handle wet sand well.

I wouldn’t mess around buying any detector cheaper than the Vanquish 340, at least if you go to it you’ll handle wet sand as it’s multi frequency, you’ll have accurate target identification and you’ve got a reasonable cheap detector. Going any cheaper for beach use you’d just regret it and be put off the hobby.

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Hi Simon (phrunt). :crazy_face: :smile:

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Hey JW :slight_smile: Fancy seeing you here.

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Well true, if you are going to detect on a black sand beach (where the black sand is magnetic) or some similar place where there is a great deal of magnetic iron mineral in the ground (Australia) then you will benifit greatly from a more advanced detector, especially the pulse induction type of machine. I recomend the chinese cheapie if you want to try out detecting on ordinary soils to see if it is a hobby that you want to take up more seriously.