New Zealand Threepence

Does anyone have a full list of dates the NZ threepence (3d) was produced

1933---------- 1967 I think

They did not make a 38

The first New Zealand threepence was minted in 1933. The threepence ran until 1965, when New Zealand stopped minting pre-decimal coins in preparation for decimilisation in 1967.

Dates not minted: 1938, 1949

This site is really useful:


1935 is the one to keep an eye out for.


Always that anticipation when clearing the date, 1930 something , 4 dam it. lol

Roger that! I am yet to find the allusive 35

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You and me both bud.

My parents collected the pre decimal currency. From memory, the 1933 three pence was the rare coin to get

Nup 1935 is the sought after one. I’ve got a full pre decimal collection. Except for the 1935 crown.
All my pennies and half pennies have lustre. Don’t keep them in Rotorua though.

All NZ silver coins pre 1940 had a higher silver content as well and is why they are worth more.

You’re probably thinking of the UK 1933 penny…