New Zealand refining

Hi Guys,
Do you know who buys gold nuggets in NZ ?
I.e. the refinery or a specialised gold buyers?
How much do they pay or what’s the refining fees?
What is the purity of the nuggets found in NZ?
Any info would be much appreciated…

morris and Watson , are well worth a look .

thx Webby,
spoke to them about 4 months ago, one lady asked me 12% refining fees while
the other guy was happy with 9%, thats way too high!
it was much better than Regal, they asked me 20%.
but someone said to me that their is a guy that is visiting some of the
sites and collecting the gold at a good rate!? any ideas?

Morris and Watson gave a friend of mine $400 for what they called ‘dirty gold’ - like hell it was - I know because I supplied it. 9 grammes. The person I gave it to would not have had a clue and I felt it was a rip off.

I invest in silver bullion with two bullion dealers and maybe you could try them - New Zealand Mint level 1 48 Grays Avenue in the Auckland CBD and Regal Castings in 7 Akiraho Street.

I remember years ago that Englehardt Industries paid up to 95 percent for gold if it looked good enough but have no idea if they are still around. There was also Corcoran and Associates I think their name was but not entirely sure now.

hi ill give them a try thanks, theres certainly a lot of variations in prices

Hi Guys,
Thank you for enlightening me.
I have only asked bkz one of my clients told me yesterday that her brother
is doing well on the west cost , he is selling to a guy that comes and
collects from the others as well, he is paying 35$/g. That’s way too cheap.
I only returned to NZ 6months ago or so. I was a gold and diamond dealer in
S.A. for the last 5yrs.
I have brought with me few K. RANDS and tried to sell them last Jan. So I
shopped around.
I have visited all the ones they buy gold in Akl and Taranaki and those are
the prices a got:
Regal , bad news , sleazy is too polite , I will never go no again ,
however his rate was 20% refining fees.
Morris and Watson 12% then when i told them I’m a dealer they dropped down
to 9%.
Gold merchant currently 8%. They the nest so far.
Gold smart 10%.
Cash converters what a jock , manukau and botany branches they did not know
how to do it. Taranaki, they offered me 10$ a gram
What I have noticed that they all have 2 problem in common: too much space
thus the rent, over staffed badly so the wages will be too high.
Also they are all doing low volume.
I was averaging 10kgs a month in S.A… That’s like all of them together.
I do gold buying, have a look at my site : but that’s for
scrap gold not coins and pure nuggets . I’m now planning to do a small
refinery and pay a fair deal to the rest.
I will up date u soon if I decided to go ahead in the next few months.
Keep inloop.

T Jordan