New Zealand Prospectors Wanted for TV Show

Hey all,

I work for a TV production company based in London. We’re interested in making a documentary series about New Zealand gold hunters. Would anyone be interested in taking part?



How much do we get paid?


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“JW” your the man for the job! :+1:


Thanks, but I prefer to fly under the radar. The gold is getting harder to find & smaller.
I went away for the weekend after work on Friday. Went to an old haunt & was there by 7pm Friday evening. Got in a couple of hours before dark but only managed 4 small bits.

Saturday morning I only managed one more small bit so think that spot has done its dash. It has been kind to me though giving me over 50 grams. That’s over 6k at todays gold price. :smile:

Saturday afternoon I went down a side creek to where the old timers had done a few wing dams & in some material they had thrown out I got 10 small bits just mixed up in the top soil & in the roots of the tussock. Nothing too exciting. They are the bits on the right. The ones on the left were from friday evening & the one bit saturday morning.

Sunday I went elsewhere & after getting more than my share of bloody pellets I lucked on to 3 little specimen bits.

I have been trying to find the reef that has shed these for years but damned if I can.

Here are a couple of close ups of one of them.


The flip side

Today I went to a Queenstown local spot & my first small bit, they are all small these days, :roll_eyes: was on a sheep track

Told you it was small.

Ended up with three tiddlers.

Friday/Saturdays finds

Sundays speci bits

Won’t be quitting the day job.


JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Could be keen for a bit of fun lol

Hi check out some of my videos utube under johnny effpos

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Yes I would very much love to as I would become the very first moari iwi hapu in all nz mineral gold.slusing and dredging company in the far north of nz virgin areas untouched by man as I have already found samples that show great/prime and very high equity just need finance to set up get my materials to start

Got any pictures of the gold?:sunglasses:

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You talking green gold?

JW :cowboy_hat_face: