New worksite next 2 weeks

We’ll if mother nature ain’t going to shift it

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Looks good - I claim all Maori artifacts on Cultural grounds, all coins and jewellery because that is where I lost those particular items - even if I dont know where it is, all antique bottles and relics over 100 years because I collect them.

Being serious though it looks a grand place to be working - can I guess? Whangaparoa way?

Bit more north …tutukaka coast …wish the job was over summer alot of topless bathers

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Dont tell me that - I am getting too old for that and already my daughters calling me a dirty old man - which is true when I am with the right person - the spirits willing but the flesh is weak though as Hugh Heffner said “Thank god for Viagra”

Keep your eye open for Maori artifacts as there must be heaps there…somewhere.

Topless bathers…theres a camping ground there isnt there? Now you have my grubby mind going around! Come to think of it I was close to there last Christmas.

topless bathers , I would be prepared to wave my wand over them … don’t get any on the hector beach

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Ya heard the one about the guy who got a Viagra stuck in his throat and ended up with a stiff neck

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That’s what they call suffering hard luck.

That’s probably because your there first scaring them off with your possum skin undies :wink:

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Thats not possum skin…its west coast…’“le bush”…lol

Have to agree, if you want more nudies down there, you’ve got to trim that “West Coast Insulation” in the summer.

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Works well as camoflage in the back country farms though…

There are no words.

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I knew a German guy who actually looked like that. When he went swimming I was amazed at the luxurient growth of body hair but it did confirm for me the presence of Neanderthal genes/DNA in Europeans, a theory of mine which has since been proven correct by science.

That guy’s likely to get shot!
I’ve got a gorrila suit, that I want to scare some tourists with - just got to be wary of hunters.Those trigger happy b’stards even shoot at each other! :boom:
You can call me Forest Troll.

my good wife caz made me a balaclava out of white long hair fur fabric that was quite long down to the top of my shoulders , it was always a good trick to were it out side a window over a tramping hut at night while caz was inside shining the touch on me and giving a bit of a yell . very surprising the reactions . havnt been shoot yet.

Actually I have been shot but enough of that! If you are wearing your Gorilla suit but trolling for a female Gorilla is that what they mean by saying that you are wearing a jump suit???

I dont know why I remember this Keith but many moons ago over on the West Coast an Opossum was sliding down the iron on the hut roof and making a heck of a racket. When it was directly above his bunk one of the guys there shot through the roof to skittle it using a shotgun…it rained later that night…as it does on the coast!